Thursday, 15 October 2009

Music: Timo Garcia - Wonderlust Bug. The Dish (Online)

Timo Garcia – Wonderlust Bug

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Written by Gordon Stribling. Sunday, June 14, 2009

He’s had releases on Underwater, Toolroom and Ninja Tune, mixed a DJ Magazine covermount CD, played throughout Europe and South America and supported up-and-coming and established artists on his Berwick Street Records label. Now Timo Garcia unleashes his ‘Wonderlust Bug‘ LP unto the world, and it’s fair to say that a listen from beginning to end is as much like a journey through musical soundscapes as the title would suggest.

Wonderlust progresses at a steady pace, beginning with the easily-forgettable tech house track ‘Boom’. Fortunately, ‘The Hang The Drum Track’, a warm, yet strangely haunting collaboration with Manu Delago, more than rewards the listener’s patience.

Among the album’s other notable tracks are down-and-dirty electro house tune ‘The Bug’ and the emotive, if slightly misplaced, chillout track ‘The Morning After’, featuring the vocals of Amber Jolene.

But by far the most interesting effort ‘Swing Thing’, which opens a bit like Starfighter’s 1999 classic ‘Apache’, only to descend into an intense mash-up of rolling techno and up-tempo swing. It’s if the love child of Ella Fitzgerald and Dave Clarke hijacked Garcia’s studio for an afternoon of audio carnage.

As strange as it sounds, ‘Swing Thing’ fits the feel of the album perfectly. Garcia is endlessly experimental, yet each track flows into the next with the kind of fluidity more often found in cherry-picked compilation mixes than unmixed artist albums. Hopefully, then, DJs across the music spectrum will incorporate some Wonderlust into their sets this summer.

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